IT Management Consultancy

When considering IT service provision, the only thing that matters is how well it delivers your business outcomes

Digital and cloud technologies are forcing businesses and the IT industry as a whole to revolutionise the way they think about IT service provision.  Supporting the achievement of business outcomes, aligned to the overall business strategy are really the only things that matter these days.  Business users really don’t care about how their IT services are delivered, as long as they work and provide an excellent user experience.

How can Itica help?

We think that these challenges warrant an entirely different IT consultancy approach, and that is where we can help.

Since our inception in 2003, we have built a successful IT consultancy business with an excellent reputation for helping organisations to deliver business outcomes and maximise business value from technology – we do that by focusing on the things that matter most.

Our services

Business Change

So, there’s a new mission statement, a new vision, perhaps a new IT system, and high expectations for transformational change? Is there something missing?

How many times do IT implementations fail to deliver transformation? How often do we bemoan people-power resistance? Could these be related?

itica has the tools and expertise to define and manage successful change by combining process, organisation, technology and information requirements.

Strategy Development

How would you answer “So, what does this do for the business?”, the inevitable question during any IT investment conversation with the Executive Team and Board?

Agreement becomes a challenge if it’s not clear how IT investment enables the business to do things faster, cheaper and better, or address a major risk area – and deliver VFM.

Why not use itica’s Strategy Development service to align your IT plans to key business outcomes and de-risk investment and technological change?

Capability Optimisation

So, you have defined your business strategy and desired outcomes, identified the need for significant investment in technology and a major transformation programme?

How do you now ensure you are targeting that investment and change for maximum impact and importantly that you are fit and capable to implement the change?

Step forward the itica capability optimisation service, used successfully in a number of housing providers, private sector organisations and technology suppliers.

Relationship Optimisation

Be honest, supplier relationships aren’t all “sweetness and light” and often fail to match the early promise of the honeymoon period immediately after contract signature.

When things get difficult, reaching for the contract is often adversarial and counter-productive, and much like divorce, contract failure is costly and damaging for both parties.

Our Relationship Governance model has been used successfully by our customers and also by suppliers wanting to improve their customer relationships.

Intelligent Sourcing

Has your IT sourcing always gone to plan? It’s well known that many market exercises fail to meet expectations for better business outcomes and lower cost.

How many times have you heard “Ah, well, that’s not covered” after you have signed the contract and implementing the solution?

Help is at hand – itica’s Intelligent Sourcing process links sourcing strategy to business outcomes, delivering industry leading SLAs and cost savings to date exceeding £40 million.

Focus on what matters most with itica

To find out how we can help you and to hear more about the work we have done in any of these areas, please get in touch.