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Intelligent IT Sourcing

Buying IT can be a complex and costly business and in many organisations it is done infrequently. We provide our clients with “Intelligent IT Sourcing” which ensures that they buy the IT services that their business needs.

Cost has always been important but buying on price alone can result in some very expensive mistakes. “Intelligent IT Sourcing” balances all of the business requirements and therefore reduces business risk whilst maximising the business benefit.  This is achieved by ensuring that the proposed solutions deliver against a broad range of selection criteria, weighted to reflect the specific requirements of the client.

We use a four stage process that contain a few simple rules to deliver IT services that meet the needs of our clients:

  • Discover:  Establish the Business drivers, sensitivities and the current service status.
  • Define:  Generate Options to meet the requirements and establish the selection criteria to be met.
  • Decide:  Select the best solution and supplier.
  • Deliver:  Implementation, commission and handover the service.

We typically lead a sourcing project from strategy definition through to service implementation, using our four stage process.  However, the process is modular and clients can choose which elements of our process are applied to their particular project.

Examples of Intelligent IT Sourcing assignments are:

IT Outsourcing

Itica delivered the complete IT Outsourcing for a UK subsidiary of a large European Group. We used the complete Itica process to deliver the end to end solution the client required.

Itica's process and expertise helped us to arrive at the best result for our business.

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