Business Insight Solutions

itica’s business insight solutions target areas where there are specific issues to address – achieving and improving value from investment in digital services, capitalising on data to drive business efficiency, and empowering effective, direct community and customer engagement. 

All our solutions are developed and supported in the UK, and are cloud-based with subscription pricing.

Community Insight

You have to engage meaningfully with your users, tenants, customers, supporters, employees or constituents, but is it working? Are you reaching only a fraction of your audience, is it out of your control and is the promise failing to be delivered?

Your options are limited however; static, unloved websites, one-way mailing lists or surrendering your content to disintermediation by the increasingly mistrusted social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Introducing itica Community Insight, reach and engage with your audience by creating genuinely independent, valuable and trusted communities all under your control without external interference or constraint.

Digital Insight

So your users are unhappy with their experience of your digital products and services, however the ‘lights are all green’, your service providers are in denial and all the while the complaints are increasing?

How do you cut through the current and future complexity and take the guesswork out of addressing the real performance issues that are directly affecting your users’ experience?

Introducing itica Digital Insight, your route to rapid resolution of operational performance issues and continuously improving your users’ experience to drive up productivity, reduce cost, increase revenue and brand reputation and ultimately deliver success for your business.

Information Insight

Fed up with trying to stop people using Excel for critical business processes or analysis? We empathise, it’s akin to pushing water uphill, as is separating fact from opinion in spreadsheet- based information.

How does it integrate with other systems’ data, is it all trusted and accurate, and can it be used for business performance, regulatory or compliance requirements?

Introducing itica Information Insight, making Excel a legitimate, fully managed component of your data architecture whilst enabling all data sources to be trusted for your reporting and compliance needs.

Focus on what matters most with itica

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